A fee is payable for each year (1 August to 31 July). The full-year rates for 2015/16 are as follows.

Adult Membership $170
Junior Membership $95
Family Membership $340

In addition, a single payment of a joining fee is payable when a membership commences, or re-commences after a lapse. The current rates are as follows.

Adult $55
Junior $55
Family $110


When a membership commences during a membership year, the initial Annual Fee is reduced pro-rata, according to the number of full-months from the date of commencement to the next 1 August.

So, for memberships starting next month (February) say, the total payments would be:


Upon change of membership type (e.g. Junior to Adult, or individuals to Family, or vice versa) it is typically the case that more, or less, is payable by the members involved. If more, then you will be asked to pay the difference. If the total fee is reduced, the balance will be carried forward as a credit against future payments.

No refund is available to a member who cancels her/his membership before the end of a year.

How to Pay

The club prefers payment by direct debit into the club's bank account, or otherwise, a cheque or money order posted to the club. Look here for details.  Whichever method is chosen, please make sure to also provide information to enable the club to identify who the payment is by, or for.

When to Pay

When a membership application (new or restarted or changed) has been accepted, the applicant will be sent a notice advising about the approval and the fees owed. Payment should then be made as soon as possible. The membership will not come into effect until full payment is received.

A notice about fees due is sent to each member in September of each year. Payment is to be completed by the date specified in the invoice, generally a month after the invoice date.