Team Managers' Responsibilities

Player Availability

All players on the team list need to be contacted by telephone before the first match of the season, to ensure that a full team is available for this match.

The Team Manager needs to create a roster identifying who in the team is playing and who is out, for each week of the season. This includes nominating a parent to be the match-day supervisor for each week. Feel free to use the template provided on the for this.

If a rostered player becomes unavailable for a match, that player needs to notify the Team Manager with plenty of notice. The Team Manager should emphasize this responsibility to the team members.

If a rostered player becomes unavailable for a match, the Team Manager will need to coordinate with the other players to ensure a full team is available to play.

Normally, there will be some emergency players to call upon if a team doesn't have sufficient players for a match. For girls teams, please to arrange an emergency player. For boys teams please .


At the end of each home match, a score card needs to be correctly filled in, signed and given to the member of the Junior Committee who is the Eaglemont Home Supervisor on that morning. The Eaglemont Home Supervisor will enter the day's scores into the NEJTA’s on-line scoring system.

When your team plays at another club, it is a good idea to take a copy of the scores and look on the NEJTA’s on-line scoring system on the following Tuesday to ensure that your opposition has entered the scores correctly. Check the scores here.

Ball Money/Match Fees

The Team Manager needs to collect ball money from each member of his/her team, no later than the end of round three of the season, and pass this money to a member of the Junior Committee. Ball money for teams playing singles is $35 per person for the season. For teams that only play doubles, it is $20 per person.

Team Practice

Although it's entirely optional, we encourage each Team Manager to arrange a weekly practice session for the team members, at the Eaglemont courts. It's best to have some supervision for the younger children at these sessions. We understand that with all the commitments our children have these days it may be impossible to find a time to suit everybody. However if you can, it certainly helps the team overall. for information about court availability on any given afternoon after school.