Setting Up
  • Start about 8.45AM, help the Home Supervisor move the BBQ from the garage to the grassed area adjacent to the entry path.
  • Check that the fat bucket under the BBQ is not full.
  • Light up about 8.50AM, put first sausages on about 9AM.
  • Move the end laminate table from the clubhouse to alongside the BBQ.
  • Use the table to:
    • display the types of drinks for sale;
    • display sauce for use by customers;
    • store bread;
    • cover the car-fridge, box of sausages.
  • Move the advertising sandwich board from the cloakroom (on right hand side as you go into the clubhouse) to a prominent place on the grass next to the BBQ. The board gives details of prices and items for sale.
  • Take out plates, an oven tray and other BBQ utensils from oven, drawers from the clubhouse to the BBQ.
  • With the Home Supervisor, take out car-fridge, sausages, box of various (bread, sauce, serviettes, gloves, cash tin, etc.).
  • It’s a good idea to stack a supply of bread slices with a serviette between each slice (it helps quick service if you need it).
Operating It
  • It’s good to share the work between 2, 3 or 4 people – with at least 2 people on deck at any one time.
  • If you are to handle any of the food, always wear a rubber glove on the hand with which you handle the food.
  • Ensure that you don’t handle anything else with that hand. If you do, change the glove. Customers come in “waves,” – it’s impossible to match cooking cycles to the number of customers at any one time. As a guide keep 12-15 sausages ready to serve at any one time.
  • Replenish drinks from the clubhouse fridge as necessary – try to maintain a good selection.
Closing Down
  • Closing time is tricky – a lot of customers come on the way out. Be prepared! Have enough sausages and drinks ready.
  • When closing the BBQ, ensure that you turn off all gas jets and the nozzle on the gas bottle is fully closed.
  • Clean down the BBQ, and move it to the gravel in front of the garage.
  • Return oven tray and utensils to clubhouse, clean them, and put them away.
  • Return table and sandwich board to clubhouse.
  • Return any uncooked sausages, unused bread, car-fridge, unsold drinks, box of other items, cash tin / takings to the clubroom / Home Supervisor.

If you have issues, problems, questions, ideas - please speak with the Home Supervisor, or let us know.

You can get a copy of the above information from here (68.7 kB).