This statement applies to personal information collected by Eaglemont Tennis Club (ETC).

Personal information

It is the club's usual practice to collect personal information directly from ETC members and aspiring ETC members, and from non-members who wish to access some 'restricted' content on this website.

ETC may sometimes collect personal information from a third party if the person covered by the information has consented, or would reasonably expect us to collect the information in this way, for example from publicly available sources such as websites or telephone directories.

ETC does not collect personal information about persons who merely browse this website. This website only uses session-cookies for logging style-settings, pertinent to the device on which the browsing occurs.


ETC uses personal information only for arranging and conducting tennis competitions, and for internal administrative purposes.

ETC is affiliated with Tennis Victoria (TV), and so ETC members are entitled to some goods and services provided by TV. To allow TV to provide those, ETC annually provides club members' names and addresses to TV.

Apart from the case described in the previous paragraph, ETC does not give personal information, or otherwise make it available, to any organization or person unless one of the following applies:

  • the person who is the subject of the information (the covered person) has consented
  • the covered person would reasonably expect us to do so
  • we have told the covered person that we will do so, and the covered person did not object
  • it is required or authorized by law
  • it will prevent or lessen a serious and imminent threat to someone's life or health, or
  • the disclosure is reasonably necessary for law enforcement.


You may inspect personal information held by ETC about you, after request to the club's Membership Manager.

You may request that personal information held by ETC about you be corrected, by request to the club's Membership Manager. In most instances, you can correct the information yourself, by using the .

How to contact us

Refer to the contacts page.