The club is affiliated with Tennis Victoria, Heidelberg and Districts Tennis Association, Eastern Region Tennis Inc., Bayside Regional Tennis Association, North Eastern Night Tennis Group and North Eastern Junior Tennis Association. The club fields teams to play in the respective competitions, according to the interest and availability of club members.

For competitions other than juniors, notices inviting participation in the various competitions are placed on the club's noticeboard up to three months before the commencement of the competition season in question. Members who register are assigned to a team by the club's Selection Committee, and the team(s) are registered without the members' needing to take any further action. Junior competitors are processed separately - for information about that, see the juniors page.

Members who have not previously played competition for the club will generally be required to play a set or two at the club, to help the Selection Committee gauge which is the most appropriate team for them.

To help cover the costs of competition (balls and so on), a small charge is levied on the people who play. Typically this amounts to just $2 per match, on average.

More details about individual competitions are available on related pages for each tennis association.